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This wailed recently in the Children’s Room as a loyal patron, unable to locate a favorite book, was shown by a librarian how the Graphic Novels have been reorganized (by series). And in an attempt to make your life easier, not harder, we have also reworked the CDs.

Maybe you weren’t even aware that we have music CDs in the Children’s Room, tucked away as they were in a bookcase in the AV room. In an attempt to improve their visibility and browsability (if it’s not a real word yet, it will be soon), we have moved them from the dark, cave-like bookcase they formerly resided in, to the well-lit wall opposite the elevator. We have also labeled them with categories like Classical, Folk, Holiday, Lullaby, Pop/Rock, Soundtrack, and World. Come take a look and a listen!



No more! For a while now, the signs in the Children’s Room have not matched the books displayed underneath. Under “Graphic Novels” rested the paperbacks and paperback series books (J PB). Where the Easy Readers used to reside, the Graphic Novels leaned. Now that most of you have learned to ignore the signs and head in a beeline for what you are looking for, we moved the books. Keeping you on your toes!

It will be an adjustment, but now the signs actually match the books underneath them. Along the wall the Graphic Novels now have room to be displayed face out, in all their graphic wonderfulness. The paperback fiction is adjacent to the hardcover fiction, so it’s easy to check for the paperback version of a book if the hardcover is out. And the Series paperbacks are on the other side of the stacks from the paperbacks. There’s more room for series now, so look for that section to expand.

As always, don’t hesitate to ask a librarian if you need help finding anything, anytime, even with the now accurate signs.

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