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This wailed recently in the Children’s Room as a loyal patron, unable to locate a favorite book, was shown by a librarian how the Graphic Novels have been reorganized (by series). And in an attempt to make your life easier, not harder, we have also reworked the CDs.

Maybe you weren’t even aware that we have music CDs in the Children’s Room, tucked away as they were in a bookcase in the AV room. In an attempt to improve their visibility and browsability (if it’s not a real word yet, it will be soon), we have moved them from the dark, cave-like bookcase they formerly resided in, to the well-lit wall opposite the elevator. We have also labeled them with categories like Classical, Folk, Holiday, Lullaby, Pop/Rock, Soundtrack, and World. Come take a look and a listen!



In December, Yvonne Coleman joined the staff of Fox Library as the Friday Children’s Librarian.  We are thrilled to have her here with us.  Here’s a little introduction that she wrote.

Let me introduce myself.  Yvonne Coleman.  I am thrilled to be a new member of the Fox “family.”  (Does that make me a cub?  No, my cub days are behind me.)  I was Head of Children’s Services in Winchester for several years, as well as a teacher of children’s literature and book reviewer.  I am so happy to be working directly with children and book again.

When not at the Fox (on Fridays), I spend lots of time with my five grandchildren (and my three children).  I look forward to sharing my favorite book, The Wind in the Willows, with each of them.  I would describe myself as a tree-hugger, elephant lover, reader of dystopian science fiction, and an avid fan of pygmy music.  I believe in fairies and the power of Animal Planet to change the world.  I am newly into cooking shows (especially Chopped), but I don’t really cook.

In fact, I have decided that I am an “appreciator” of many things.  I used to worry that I should settle down with a good hobby or two.  I have come to the realization that some do and some are content to gaze admiringly at what they do.  Libraries are a good fit for those of my ilk– the endlessly curious.

You can join Yvonne every Friday morning at 10:00 a.m. at the Fox Library for her Fun at the Fox program, geared to children ages two and up.  Welcome, Yvonne!

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