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Grandparents in the Library: We love them

Posted on: December 12, 2012

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the great influx of grand-parental units in the Children’s Room.  They come in a bit unsure of the routine but oh so glad to be given the grace and the time to spend with their favorite people.

Grandparents tend to be a little more attentive and a little more curious.  They’re willing to give me the scoop on everything they know about their grandkids– what they like to do and what they like to read and what they did yesterday that was amazing and what they had for breakfast this morning that was delicious…

Well, grandmas are usually a little bit more in charge.  They’re the hand holders and the book selectors.  They ask when our programs are and what kids “this age” like to read.  They remember to pick up the tickets for the programs and they manage to get the whole group out the door by 11:30 for lunch-before-nap.

But grandpas are here too.  They’re the loaders and the toters.  They settle into the chairs in the corner surrounded by bags, bottles, and binkies– maybe a bit unsure of why they’re there… But they are there and they are present and they are the ones who the kids turn to for a question or to crawl into a lap for a quick story.  Grandpas can do that.

Grandparents have the luxury of perspective.  They worry less and enjoy more.  They watch and observe but most of all they laugh.  They chuckle at the children and they goof around with me.  (This morning, one grandpa noticed that I was noticing him clutching a baby bottle slyly said, “It’s really for me… for the sing-a-long… I might need it.”)  They’ll sit and read five books because they can and there is really nowhere else that they’d want to be that’s more important than right now, right here, with a baby in their lap sharing a book.

Welcome to the Children’s Room, grandparents.  I’m glad we have room for your children, their children, and you!


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