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It’s already been a very busy morning at the Robbins and Fox Libraries!  Kids and adults are flocking to our air-conditioned and book-filled buildings.  And you should join them for the fun!  However, be prepared for some activity.


Whoa!  Busy morning at Fox!

As is evidenced above, the Children’s Room of your local library isn’t always the quietest place.  But sometimes little islands of calm do surface.  Here’s another snapshot taken at the Fox this very morning:


Take a gander at the neatest line of dinosaurs ever created!

And there you have it, folks!  The library isn’t simply a cool place to come on a hot day.  It’s also full of fun surprises, dinosaur and otherwise!  Hope to see you here soon!


On July 6, we were treated to a magic show by Thomas. Various members of the audience got to assist as he amazed us with card tricks and illusions. Contact the Children’s Room to sign up for a performance spot yourself! Email or call 781-316-3224.