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Many of you know Liza Halley, the beloved Russell Fund Coordinator for the Robbins and Fox Libraries.  Here is a picture of her, doing what she does BEST… serving as the Pied Piper of Children in Arlington:

We love Liza!

We love Liza!

For the past six years, Liza has conceived, organized, and implemented some of the most AMAZING kid’s programming on the PLANET!  (This is a scientifically proven FACT.)  At the end of this week, Liza will be leaving this position to explore exciting new frontiers.  We are incredibly sad to see her go, but are thrilled for her as she begins this new chapter in her life.

To celebrate Liza’s departure, we held a small open house at Fox Library last week.  Many community members attended and they all expressed how much Liza’s creativity, flexibility, and warmth meant to them and their families.  Pam also read a poem that was dedicated to the amazing Liza.  Here it is for your reading pleasure!


A Dramatic Poem for Liza

O Liza, dearest Liza… what can I say?

Robbins just won’t be the same when you go away

Your enthusiasm!  Your wit!  Your smiling face!

Your ability to lead a Chinese New Year’s conga line with style and grace.

It’s been a privilege to work with you through the years

We’ve shared so much—both laughter and tears

Magicians!  Movie nights!  Scrabble!  Oh my!

You host dance parties for hundreds of toddlers without blinking an eye

Not to mention the fact that you’re such a great mom to your boys

I was hoping you’d adopt me too… I promise I won’t make much noise!

But seriously, dearest Liza, it’s been an honor.

Without your amazing work, we’d all have been goners!


Liza, we are going to miss you so much!  Best of luck in all that you do!



Librarian: Why, hello!


Librarian: He does?  That is amazing!

Tiny Boy (gravely): Yes, he does.  He is a very brave man.

Librarian: Well, you have to be brave to know Spanish, I suppose.


Mark your calendars, everyone!  Next week, otherwise known as March 5 – March 10, will be Get To Know Your Children’s Library Week at the Robbins and Fox Libraries!

Since you’re reading this blog, you might already be aware of some of the exciting things that you can explore in our Children’s Rooms.  But you might find out some fun new things, too!  Need to check out books on spectacled bears?  Just ask!  Need to check out a bear puppet?  Well, you can do that, too!

We try our best to make the library a place that you and your children can feel comfortable learning and exploring. We have bilingual books for those of you who speak another language!  We have braille books, Quick Picks, CD-Roms, and more folk tales than you can read in seventeen sittings!  We have puzzles, puppets, and toys galore!  (Just ask at the desk… we’ll show you where to find them!)  If you’re teaching a class on a certain subject, just give us a call.  We’ll pull together all of the books and media we can find to help you!  And don’t forget about our programs– we have a full menu of events at both libraries on a weekly basis!

So next week, stop by the Robbins and Fox!  Get to know your Children’s Library.  We will have a cool graffiti wall where you can post your favorite library memory and fun new bookmarks that will give you great information about using the library!  You can also meet the librarians and ask them all sorts of fun questions about dinosaurs, ponies, paste, and comic books!  Or anything else that you want to learn about!

See you next week!

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