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Question of the Day:

What happens in the Children’s Room on a daily basis?

Our Answer:

Oh my goodness!  One mother recently told me that in her baby’s mind, the Children’s Room and Disneyworld are basically the same thing.  And, in so many cases, it’s TRUE!  Little cherubs (as Librarian Pam calls them) DASH into our libraries at TOP SPEED, excited to take a seat in a tiny chair and say hello to their favorite books and stuffed animals.   (Have you ever noticed how many babies love to greet the display of Max, Ruby, Curious George and Olivia at Robbins Library?!  SO MANY.)  This glee is one of the most powerful expressions of the continued importance of books, reading, and libraries that I can think of!  And on a less serious note, some of the things that happen here are just plain ridiculous.

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to a little photo series that I’ve been working on, entitled, “As Seen in the Children’s Room.”

Image One: Meet the Library!

Here are some great library patrons who have had a new addition to their family!  If you look very closely, you’ll notice baby Matthew in Mom’s arms.  He is one week old!  His brother Henry is a regular at the Fox (he is three, after all) and was very eager to do one thing: introduce Matthew to the library.  Even though Matthew snoozed for most of his stay at Fox, he seemed pretty happy to be here, so I think that the introduction was a success!  Nice work, Henry!

Image Two: What’s Under YOUR Desk?

Remember that episode of Seinfeld when George had a whole napping station set up under his desk?  Well, last Monday, these lovely ladies set up a Groovy Girl station under the librarian’s desk at Robbins!  As you can see, it was quite a draw for the other children in the library.  And I must say that it’s a lot more fun to find this tableau under our desk than the usual recycling bin!

Image Three: Just Some Light Reading

Here it is… Proof that it’s NEVER too early to start reading!  These two little tykes were so engrossed in the adventures of Little Miss Bossy and Mr. Good that we could hardly tear them away when it was time for Singalong!  I see two future book club moderators… or dare I hope, LIBRARIANS?

Images Four and Five: Boxes of FUN

Some of you may wonder how our books travel from location to location, since the Minuteman Network includes 42 different libraries.  Well, here is the much-anticipated answer: in these lovely blue boxes!  They arrive at the library each night, full of books to be checked out to patrons!  But sometimes, the boxes contain other things…

Like BABY GRACE!  One day, we just opened a box and THERE SHE WAS!  Just kidding.  This photo was gratuitously staged for the purposes of this blog post.  But I think that it speaks to our point– the library is a place for learning, fun, and exploration, and in the Children’s Room, it’s our goal to help your child experience all of these things.


Being new to the blogging world and being the librarian (gotta’ find that out!) that I am, I decided to do a wee bit of research into what other bloggers were blogging on their blogs so that I could then blog my own blog. The huge variety of information being shared about children’s literature was so fun and so exciting I decided to pass some of it along here. Soooo…here I am blogging on the blog about bloggers blogging and their blogs….

First and foremost we have the indominatable Anita Silvey, author, professor, Horn Book reviewer and children’s literature thoughtful critique extrodinaire. On her blog she has chosen to write about a book a day. The great part is that the book of the day could be anything; old or new, fiction or non-fiction, picture book or chapter book… Check her out at:

Next, we always have to include the fabulous Roger Sutton in our list of amazing bloggers and children’s literature thinkers. He’s the editor of Horn Book magazine and one of the most thought-full writers regarding children’s literature. He also tends to be really funny! Check him out at:

Third, I have this weird, perverse idea that children should be allowed to choose what they want to read. I firmly believe that this practice of “free reading” will encourage children to become life-long readers – hey, if you’re hooked in and interested and fascinated by stories, you’re going to want to keep it up, right? Donnalyn Miller, a teacher, blogger and author from Texas, is a “free reading” expert. Check out her blog at:

Next on the list is a blog for non-fiction lovers (me! me! me!) I.N.K. (stands for Interesting Non-Fiction for Kids!) features authors who truly have the gift of storytelling and practice their craft through the lens of non-fiction. Blogs are think-pieces written by non-fiction authors as well as highlights of new and hot non-fiction material. Check them out at:

Finally, (for now…) a blog that focuses primarily on illustration and picture books. Julie Danielson (Jules) is a reviewer for Kirkus magazine but loves illustration and the craft of illustration so much that she blogs about pictures for her own fun and information. (and ours…) Check out her thoughts and some really great illustrations at:

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!

Happy New Year, everyone!

In order to ring in 2012 in an exciting way, we are trying something NEW (well, new to us, anyways) and are posting a VIDEO BLOG!  Just click on the link below to hear all about Russell Fund Coordinator Liza Halley’s favorite graphic novels!

And let us know your favorite graphic novels in the comments, too!

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